Monday, October 2, 2023

Imagine Dragons - Radioactive [Border Brothers remix]

First release by South American remix machine the Border Brothers. 

Dan Reynolds / vocals (original)

Javier Robledo / drums (remix)

Luciano "Negro” Villacé / backing vocals (remix)

Bruno Weinstein / extra guitar (remix) 

JM Drangosch / bass, guitars, bv's, programming (remix)

Written by Imagine Dragons & Alex DaKid

remix produced by JM Drangosch / mixed by Gonzalo Danguise / mastered by Sr. Warrior

video by Mex Hoffman & JM Drangosch

A big shout to the guys from The Bravery for the inspiration.

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Tierra Fértil: the quest for the Lost Hit (The expedition - Trailer #1)


An Archeological expedition in the underground music scene, looking to unearth the lost gems of the movement. We meet an investigator who is obsessed with demos, obscure recordings and bands, who wants to resurrect this rare catalog and put it out to the masses.

English version of the trailer here:

We're listening to records from underground bands that didn't make it, and selecting the best songs to re-release them. The plan is either to remaster them, make videos, put together compilations, or whats's even better: taking them to established artists that could use a great song. Fore more videos and info you can check the project's website.

Monday, March 9, 2020

Sample recreation for remixes (2013-onwards)

Many times a DJ wants to remix a song but they can’t use the original tracks (for a myriad of reasons), so an obsessively-crafted replica needs to be made in order for their reinterpretation of the song to see the light of day. 

These are some of my favorites, done by a coordinated effort of Copycats and Replay Heaven

Original by Sixto Rodriguez here.

Original by B.B. King here.

Original by Angus & Julia Stone here.

The Wolf: first worldwide hit

It was early 2015. I was living in Buenos Aires and my friend, ex-bandmate and back-to-back-DJ Juan Kokollo was temporarily living in Paris. It was before the age of WhatsApp and we communicated through e-mail, exchanging news, anecdotes and song ideas. 
Somewhere along that process, bouncing ideas back and forth, we found The Wolf, and we knew we had something. We decided it suited his band Siamés, that was being rebuilt at that time. 
Then Fer Suniga and Rudo&CO animators came up with an amazing video that went viral. It’s over 150 million views on youtube now, spawned countless covers, reactions, video analysis, remixes, etc.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Metric - Satellite Mind remix (2011)

This was probably the first remix I did. Metric had released their fabulous album "Fantasies" in 2009, which is still one of my all-time favorite records. A year or two later they partnered with Indaba Music and launched a remix contest in order to see what the community could come up with. 

I contributed with a surf rendition of "Satellite Mind", emphasizing guitars and creating Beach Boys-style vocal harmonies. Strange choices, 'cause it's not what you would expect from a remix. But they liked it enough to pick it among the winners. Surprise! 

Their feedback was also really cool. I don't have the exact comment anymore but it was something about being in Canada under a pile of snow listening to track after track, and when they heard this they were instantly transported to a car in the middle of the road, enjoying the warmth of the Sun. 

Listening now a few years later and with more experience, I would change many things audio-wise, but I'm still proud of it. 

Monday, November 11, 2019

Córdoba (2019)

What the hell is Córdoba? 
--One of the provinces in Argentina that counterweights the influence of Buenos Aires. 
--Homeland of tropical music heroes "La Mona" Giménez and Rodrigo Bueno. 
--The place where herbal medicine Fernet met Coca-cola and as a mash up we all got fernet con coca and life was never the same again.
--The site with the most UFO activity in all South America.

—A song by Pasaje Osaka, an indie band from Buenos Aires. For a teenager band working on their first album, this is a landmark.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Joaquin Carámbula - Para Ella (2018)

In winter 2017 Joaco, a virtual stranger, came to my house. His band Detonantes had just split up and he was looking for a producer to work on two or three songs he had composed in that period. Luke from Electric Child gave him my number. We had never spoken before but we used to hang out at the same parties and clubs, and I had seen him play with his band a few times. Chemistry was instantaneous and soon after, a full album started blooming around our production sessions. 

We worked the melodies, lyrics and chords, and with that we went into mythical studios Ion to track the acoustic guitars and most of the lead vocals.  

Coincidently I had to dismantle my studio for personal reasons, so we decided the best move was to take all the equipment to his humble-and-recently-inherited house (there was a painful but relieving process going on) to do the arrangements and add a bit of salt & pepper to enhance the songs.

“Re Loco” is the obvious single. “Quisiera que sea” tranquilizes me like nothing else. "Para Ella" still gives me the chills. 

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